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Minutiae Noida

Aishwarya Anand

Managing Partner Minutiae Noida

Aishwarya, an alumna of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), began her career in the fashion industry as a merchandiser for renowned brands like Jaypore and Notice Me. Her expertise in merchandising allowed her to gain valuable experience in the business side of the fashion industry, furthering her knowledge of product coordination and brand management.

With a successful track record in the merchandising sector, Aishwarya embarked on a new chapter by joining Minutiae Studio as a managing partner. In this role, she brings her extensive skills and experience acquired over the years to contribute to various aspects of the agency's operations.

Aishwarya's expertise extends beyond merchandising. She has a keen eye for detail and possesses strong coordination skills, making her a valuable asset in managing the intricacies of a shoot. Her ability to seamlessly coordinate and oversee various elements of a production, from scheduling to logistics, ensures smooth execution and timely delivery of projects.

As a managing partner at Minutiae Studio, Aishwarya brings a unique blend of business acumen, coordination skills, styling expertise, and art direction capabilities. Her multifaceted contributions and commitment to excellence further enhance the agency's ability to deliver outstanding photography productions that exceed client expectations.

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Minutiae Noida

Minutiae Noida first opened its doors to the public in March 2022 at Sector 2, Noida, later we shifted to a bigger and better location in Sector 4, Noida . Since then, it has become the prime space in Delhi NCR to take E-Commerce, Campaign and Catalogue photos. It is famous for it’s unique backdrops and spacious shooting floor, elegant interiors and unobstructed views with tons of natural light. It’s a perfect setting for professional and amateur photographers to capture memories and bring their creative vision to reality, as well as fashion and media events.

Minutiae Noida has over 6,500 square feet of shooting space and 9 distinct studio backdrops with unique furniture that matches the design of each studio setup. The studio rooms include the CYC area, Panelled Wall, Textured Wall, Ancient Doorway Wall, Decor Setups and customisable wallpaper area. The studio is equipped with 2 changing rooms and makeup table areas available for rent.

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